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Letter from Scott Shields

To the owners and employees of Visiglo,

 We just wanted to write and tell you that your lighted K9 collars are the best product to identify animals we have ever used. We had been given a donation of Visiglo collars just prior to Sept. 1, 2005 and little did we know how meaningful the donation would be to operations in Louisiana. We also had other “night” collars donated but they did not compare to your products.

 When we arrived at the Naval Support Center in Algiers Louisiana night had just fallen and we were plunged into this great darkness as even the backup generators had been damaged and there were no lights to be seen for miles.  Military vehicles were scurrying about and troops marching from place to place. We had both glowing collars and blinking collars for our dog and immediately placed yours on his neck. We had never used it before and had always used a bright “glow” collar before for night searches. I was immediately amazed at the strength and intensity of the collars lights. We had never seen anything so bright before in a K9 lighted collar. The human eye is attracted and follows motion; your light gave the illusion of motion in light and was readily seen at over a mile’s distance on the base and in town. We were immediately relieved as to questions of safety and security for our working dog in this total blackness. We were able to track him in total darkness and command him with confidence that we had never had in night operations. We have had many people in emergency management ask if there is a line of your lights (helmet, vest) for humans. It is an amazing product.

 As someone who worked both the World Trade Center and ran the inflatable boat teams for the 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne in NOLA we have witness two of Americas’ most tragic incidents in modern history. Both times I went to these hells with my Search and Rescue Dog.  We went to the WTC with my dog Bear who found Commissioner William Feehan and Chief of Department Peter Ganci and many other victims at the WTC (there is a memorial to Bear at the FDNY/EMS Academy for what he accomplished on 9/11/01); then again in New Orleans with Theodore my current SAR dog (a relative of Bear’s). Both times we made a difference because we had a dog. I like to say at the WTC the dogs led us and at Katrina we paid them back (the Brigade rescued over a thousand animals). I added this so you would understand how much of my heart is in this compliment to your company and your product and what truly is “the world’s best illuminated collar”.

We have tried to turn the “legend” of Bear into a legacy to keep others alive. Thanks for being a part of that legacy.

Scott Shields